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Gov. Tim Walz called it an act of civil disobedience from people with “legitimate concerns around what they view as a genocidal monument that they have to walk to in their democracy.”

“I’m not going to perform for folks, I’m not going to feign sadness, I will not shed a tear over the loss of a statue,” said Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan

Sign the petition to restore the Christopher Columbus to its rightful place on Capitol grounds.

Make your voice heard.

The Walz Administration knew the Christopher Columbus statue was coming down, and did nothing to stop it. 

Lawless behavior should not stand - sign the petition to put Columbus back!

Preserve our history. 

Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board:

I am writing to demand the return of the Christopher Columbus statue to its position on the Minnesota State Capitol grounds. The statue was illegally torn down by protesters on June 10, 2020 without any discussion or process by your board.

The statue was a gift from the Minnesota's Italian-American community and has been on the Capitol grounds for 100 years. There should be a process for deciding the monuments, statues and artwork displayed at the Capitol and until that process is in place, the Columbus statue should be immediately returned to its pedestal.

Every day that goes by without returning the statue affirms the idea that lawless mobs can decide which monuments can stay and which can be torn down. This is not how a lawful society operates.

Please restore the statue now.